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Sculpting for me is re-discovering the art of play,

but with heavier machinery and a lot of heat!


Discovering that I could cast bronze in my back garden opened up a world of opportunities to make beautiful works of art. There is an alchemy in turning everyday objects or hand sculpted forms into a precious metal. In its raw state bronze is not that interesting, but add colour and polish it, and it takes on a new life, highlighting the different textures and shining with an inner glow that no other material can match.

The forms originate as a wax object, which can be worked on in many different states, from pouring as a liquid, modelling like clay, or carving when solid. This allows a myriad of different mark making techniques to be used and the casting process can capture the tiniest detail.

After learning the art of bronze casting, I now try to introduce deliberate flaws into some of my moulds, use very thin wax, or partially burned wood, embracing the unexpected and intriguing results these can produce when cast. I complete all parts of the process myself, and I take pride in the craftsmanship of a well finished sculpture, as well as its artistic creation.

My work uses an unusual combination of polished bronze forms with the contrasting colour and texture of rusted sheets of steel, linking a material seen as precious with one which is usually associated with decay.

My influences often have a scientific background, in the amazing forms that can be found in the microscopic world and their unseen influence on our world, or the layering of mapping information onto a landscape. I aim to pass on this wonder of the unseen through my work.



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