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Lie of the Land

For this project I made drawn and sculptural pieces inspired by walks taken near to my home. Each journey, and each resulting piece, highlights something different (from ash dieback to the narratives we assign to particular places), and together they reflect on my ongoing experiences and relationship with my local area.

My work aims to express the fragments of remembered views and experiences built up by travelling through my local landscape. I also highlight my concerns about the ecology of the areas I travel through and their fragile nature. Although I am using metal - a markedly permanent material - I harness chance by using wood or thin wax originals in my castings to create imperfect and fractured pieces, mirroring the impermanence and vulnerability of the environment around me.

Maps are a significant part of the way I experience the landscape: visualising where I want to go, navigating through it, recording my journeys. For me, maps invoke memories – of past walks and past experiences. At the same time they provide the means to plan new walks, or re-imagine old ones. Maps tie this series together and I use their universal language to draw viewers in and invite them to explore the work.

A video of the exhibition of this work can be seen here:

JourneyWhole sml.JPG
Journey 1 and 2 maps.JPG



Exploring the theme of places experienced along a journey



'Journey Home (1&2)'


The journey between new and old homes and the memories triggered along the way



Journey Home 1.JPG

'Journey Home (3&4)'


Recording my journey home through an area where I varied my walk routes to explore the area fully



'Lead Lines'


About my journey through the lead mining remains in Hebden Gill



Lead Lines 1 sml_edited_edited.jpg
Walking Treasures Main1_edited.jpg

'Walking Treasures'


Linking the experience of place, created by stopping and taking notice of small features in a landscape, with the journey taken between them.



'Post Tops'


Noticing the texture and beauty in decaying post tops



Post top 2 sml.JPG
Map Fragments 1 sml_edited.jpg

'Fractured Landscapes'


Fractured, incomplete views of maps or the landscape they depict



'Moorland Burning'


Pieces about the burning of heather moorland by grouse moor owners and the damage this does to the environment



MBMM01 Moorland burning 1 sml_edited.jpg
Ash Map 3 detail sml.JPG

'Ash Maps'


Witnessing the demise of ash trees due to ash dieback


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