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100 Day Project

On 1st January 2022, I started a creative challenge to make a new clay design every day for the first 100 days of the year. I based all the clay designs on the amazing drawings of Ernst Haeckel. This was a rich resource which provided me with more than enough inspiration to produce 100 pieces.

I posted images of these creations on Instagram as I went along, inviting viewers to contribute words inspired by these pieces. It has been wonderful to get so many people involved in the project in this way, and it has been great to see what other people see in them. Some people took it on as a challenge for themselves to provide words for all 100 pieces and it was often hard to pick a single contribution. Overall there are words provided by 28 different people.

The clay pieces were moulded and cast in bronze (see the process videos below), overall there is an estimated 4 hours of work in each piece. They were then combined with the selected text to create 100 new pieces of art for this exhibition.

Final Pieces


The videos below show the different stages in the process from the clay shape to the final framed piece

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