100 Day Project

Aim:- To make a small (12cmx4.5cm) ‘tile’ (flat piece) inspired by the drawings of Ernst Haeckel every day from 1 January 2022 for 100 days.

100DaysProof sml.JPG

Pictured above is my proof of concept piece, the bronze piece is based on Haeckel’s drawing of a Collosphaera Huxleyi (a single-celled organism found in the ocean) and it is displayed alongside text inspired by the clay piece I produced (see below), written by my sister Sarah Butler.

100DaysProofClay sml_edited.jpg

My aim is to gather accompanying texts from comments on my Instagram posts of the clay piece.

The brief for the text:

  • Ignore the grey colour and focus on the form

  • Length of between 3 and 15 words (slightly more may be considered)

  • Apart from that, whatever the piece inspires you to write - there are no right or wrong answers, poetic/scientific/descriptive/obscure/etc.


To encourage people to participate, the chosen text will be fully credited and the contributor paid £20 when a piece with their text on sells (each casting will have a potential run of 10, so anything from £0 up to £200). They will also have the opportunity to buy a piece at a much reduced price if they want to.

See my Instagram page from 1 January to participate.