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'Journey', 2021
3 panels, each 128x80x4cm
Bronze and rusted steel on painted wood panels

This piece is about places experienced along a journey. It combines drawing, the continuous journey line and the detailed fragments of map drawings on the squares, with sculpture. The individual squares mark places remembered, but also depict the absence of what is there, the things forgotten. The rusty line shows the journey is still a memory but that time has passed since its completion.

JourneyWhole sml.JPG

The individual pieces were created by casting plywood maps on which maps were drawn in wax. The plywood is only partially burnt out before pouring in the molten bronze, leaving areas of charcoal which appear as holes in the final pieces. The resulting effect explores fragility, both in terms of our memory of places as well as the fragility of the environment I am experiencing.

close-up of 'Journey' 1 and 2 maps

close-up of the first two pieces in 'Journey'

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