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'Journey Home 1 & 2'

These drawings are about my journey between new and old homes and the memories triggered along the way.

Journey Home 1 drawing


'Journey Home 1', 2020
Burning, gunpowder, pencil on paper

Journey Home 2 drawing

'Journey Home 2', 2020
Burning, gunpowder, charcoal, ink, pencil on paper and tracing paper


I recorded the route using GPS and burnt this into the paper, the slow meditative process of doing this marking the time spent completing the journey. The line is punctuated by piles of gunpowder positioned in locations which jogged memories for me; the spark and flash of burning as they ignited a signifier of the flashes of memory that come with a sight, smell or sound. I removed the GPS line from the context of the map in order to focus on the journey and memories.

I wrote descriptions of the memories alongside these points. In the first piece these were written in pencil and then partially rubbed out, offering fragments of memories, which are often all that are available to us. In the second piece they are written in ink on charcoal, but the placement of tracing paper over the top similarly obscures most of the text.

There is a duplicate route line on the second piece offset to one side, a signifier of how reality and memory often do not quite align.

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