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Bronze in wood panel with mixed media painting - 30x55x5cm


Unique sculpture in cast bronze inset into a painted wooden panel. This wall mounted piece

is all about the ‘Reed Yellow-face Bee’. There are more than 250 types of bee in the UK and this is one of the rarer ones which is only found in reedbeds in the South East of England.


The sculpture is a wooden panel with acrylic painting. The text you can see describes the habitat and nesting behaviour of the bee, with the outline of common reeds over the top which is where they make their home.


The inset piece is in cast bronze and is based on the reed galls formed by a fly for their nests which are then later re-used by the bee as its nesting chamber.


There are sawtooth fixings on the back to hang this piece on two screws or nails, with rubber buffers to raise it off the wall. Bronze care instructions are also affixed to the back.

Reed Yellow-Face Bee

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