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'Journey Home 3 & 4'

These pieces record my journey home from a specific point through an area where I spent time exploring the area fully.

Journey Home 3 sculpture


'Journey Home 3', 2020
Rust print, burning, gunpowder on paper

Journey Home 4 sculpture

'Journey Home 4', 2020
Rust print, thread on paper


They are shown on the map of the area which has been rust-printed onto the paper. On the map the route was burnt into, I have also marked places where I have stopped to look at the view, or taken notice of something in the landscape. I did this by placing piles of gunpowder and burning them in a similar way to ‘Journey Home (1&2)’.

The addition of map backgrounds in these pieces ground them in a specific place, a landscape of fields, tracks and roads. They show where my walking route was open to my whim or confined to a footpath. They make the work more clearly about a walked journey as exploration of a place.

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